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Organic Case - Hemp

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Material origin: Slovenia

Inspire your Health and Spirit with organic industrial hemp. Demonstrate your strong belief in the natural healing power of one of the most misunderstood and unique plants in the world.

Take your senses on a journey with the world’s first sustainable organic smartphone cases made from hand-picked and pressed natural materials.

A natural scent the cover emits will create a joyful moment every time you make a call and the texture of the cases makes handling your phone a pleasant experience. Each case is handcrafted and unique, just like your style.

  • Made out of hand-picked sustainable organic material
  • Full phone encasing, above screen lip and durability for maximum protection 
  • Attractive modern look and style
  • Provides great grip
  • Doesn't cause allergies :) 
  • The first of its kind in the world 
  • Material coated with advanced sugar based resin
  • Water-resistant for all weather use
  • Recyclable PU case (made in SGS certified non-toxic production)
  • Amazing natural scent and feeling
  • Works perfectly with WIRELESS CHARGING
  • Mag Safe compatible
100% SAFE

LIMITED EDITION: Please note that it is not possible to return the phone case because it's made by seasonal material. By ordering, you agree with the statted conditions.
€44.90 €41.90
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Is the material printed?

No, it is real hand picked natural material, then carefully dried and pressed before cutting and applying it to the case.

Is the material water resistant?

Yes, the material is oleophobic, it means it does not absorb water, but is designed to absorb our organic scent essences

What about durability and scratch resistance, it looks fragile?

The material is coated with an advanced sugar based resin and protects the material. Slight signs of wear and discoloration can appear over time, but that is normal like with any natural material.

How long does the scent last?

It lasts from 1 month to 3 months, depends on outside factors, while intensity will decline. You can refresh the scent with our completely natural scent refreshers with one application for up to a week.

Are the materials really organic or sustainable?

Yes, our wood collection is FSC(Forest stewardship Council) harvested, so the whole supply chain from the forest to us is known. The Organika collection is made from completely organic and sustainable materials from nature.


What is the difference compared to the wood cases from others?

Our wood cases are made from special or rare wood species carefully selected from around the world. We also hand oil the wood with an organic oil, so it still breaths and gives a unique feeling, while if the wood is shiny and closed with lacquering it is closed the same as plastic.

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United Kingdom United Kingdom
Love it

It's a beautiful case. I love the natural feel. The only downside is it needs to be treated pretty carefully to ensure the resin all stays in place, which is quite a challenge with my lifestyle. However so far it is lasting, and I hope it lasts much longer.


Hello, thank you so much! We had to decide between being all-natural in the cases or having a stronger toxic resin, and we much rather go with natural and stay true to what we are doing

C U.
United States United States

GREAT!!! I HAVE THIS CASE, AND EVERY one ASK ME WHERE TO FIND IT. YOUR SELECTION IS LARGER THAN WHERE i PURCHASED. I'm planning to share your site with everyone who ask as well as on my site, As an advocate of HempCBD, because Hemp is eco-friendly and its farming can save our planet. Therefore, your purchase will Help our small farmer to assist with climate control. Want to buy premium topical hemp? go to: