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Did you know you could actually be doing more harm than good for your own health and the environment by purchasing plastic phone cases?

Today, we want to take a few minutes to highlight 10 Reasons why you should choose a Wooden Phone Case for your phone, and how Wooden Phone Cases are better than plastic onesRead on to learn more. :)

1. Uniqueness – If you're like us, you love uniqueness. No two pieces of wood are the same, so each individual wooden phone case is exactly that - individual and unique. It truly is a one-of-a-kind phone case.




2. Durability – Did you know that wooden phone cases are actually much more durable than plastic? Plastic phone cases can and does warp, break, melt, and chip over time, where a wooden phone cases are highly long-lasting, durable, and non-fragile.


3. Get Better with Age – There is a fact that wood becomes more useful and attractive with the passage of time. Unlike plastic, which warps, chips, wear away, cracks, and even melts over time, our wooden phone accessories are incredible in that way. Your wooden phone case will gain character over time. Those little nicks, dents, and bangs against your products will only bring your accessories character and life.


4. Lightweight – Wooden phone cases can be very lightweight depending on the wood veneer thickness that is used. All our wooden phone cases are designed to be minimalist in design, yet offer the protection you need, and the uniqueness that is desired. And don't worry, our wooden phone cases are extremely light and you can easily carry them out without any much difficulty.



5. Options, Options, Options – Another great reason to own a wooden phone case, is because of the many different wood options to choose from. If you prefer a dark wooden case, you can choose from Ziricote rare wood or American Walnut If you like the lighter coloured cases, we suggest Whitewood, Bird's Eye Maple or Scandinavian Birch. There are a number of other options from which you can choose the one you like the most. 



6. Engraved Patterns - If you like to have engraved wooden phone case to cover your phone, we have a lot of pre-made designs to choose from. Our customers love the engraved patterns designs the most because of their uniqueness and the feel of the engraved case in their hand.



7. Environment Friendly  – Wood leaves far less of a carbon imprint. Trees, when growing and alive, absorb carbon monoxide from the air, leaving behind clean, filtered air for all of us to enjoy. On the other hand, plastic manufacturing actually puts carbon into the air, along with myriad other chemical compounds that are harmful to the ozone, human health, and wildlife.

And that's not all. When plastic phone cases break or get damaged, people generally throw them along with the rubbish, and we all know that plastic is really harmful to the environment as it takes years to degrade whereas wood is biodegradable. Youth nowadays is more aware and moving towards an environment-friendly world by taking such tiny steps in their tech lifestyle.


8. Good for Health and Well-being – Research has identified that the increased use of wood has measurable physiological and psychological health benefits. We now know that workers are less stressed and more productive, students learn better, patients heal faster, and people are generally happier and calmer in spaces that contain natural elements like wood.


9. Affordable – There is no need to spend an outrageous amount of money on a phone case made of just coloured plastic, and that it is the same one that 5 of your friends have. All wooden phone cases are very reasonably priced, and they provide the protection you need for everyday use.


10. Stand Out – We believe your phone case should represent who you are, and we are pretty positive that isn't boring. Our wooden phone cases stand out, and we have heard hundreds of times how our customers have received compliments within the first day of putting their case on their phone.




»Super protective and stylish. Looks great everywhere we go. Also love the texture and feeling in the hand. Never buying another phone case!« - Michael

»Gorgeous case, details are unreal. Pretty stoked, case looks amazing and is solid, not too light to feel flimsy but not too heavy so it feels impractical.« - Jose

»Well crafted. Pleasantly surprised at the details. Beautiful. Love it.« - Felicia

»It's good! Decent phone case, not too bulky, soft edges. Carving is cool, lots of detail. Very happy!!« - Neisha

»This case is simply perfection and I couldn't be happier. I've gotten many compliments on my phone since the case arrived (which it did very quickly!) and I cannot recommend MMORE enough.« - Eva

 »I love the case! Wasn't expecting it to look as nice as the image shown online, but I think it definitely does. Looks and feels great! I was very happy with my purchase.« - Lucas


Written by: Vida Flego

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