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Hi! My name is Ziga Lunder, the founder of MMORE and I would like to share my story with you:

žiga lunder mmore


We all remember the iPhone 4 and 5 craze for phone cases.
There weren’t many around and those that were just didn't give the feeling of quality and level that the device gave. At that time I was working in a woodworking business so it was only natural to have an idea to use wood on the phone case. After I left my old job I decided to shake things up and to create something I had noted in my head as: “unique, quality and handcrafted with nature alongside technology”. It’s how MMORE was born from the words “Much MORE”.

The sign represent the coming together of nature and technology as two perfections and finding a balance between the two. Because that was the concept, to offer more and something different.

It started with luxury wood species from around the world and hand oiled to give that breathtaking feeling of wood. After the initial idea that started as a passion project turned out to be very well received, so I decided to take it a step further and make something truly unique.

mmore wood cases


Why was it so difficult to find fresh, high-quality, unique cases? On my search for something amazing, I could find only one that amazes us all...nature...the best producer possible. I wanted to use some of the most amazing and unthinkable materials to build a phone case, that still has to be durable and water resistant of course! After another year and A LOT of testing, tooling and work, the Organika collection was born. The case that not only completely protects your phone, but also gives it a unique style and above all, the scent, that reminds you of the things you love. In your car, office, at home or when making a call.

It all started from something different that I wanted to make for myself and developed into a mission to enrich our lives with quality, uniqueness and bring back the feeling of nature into our day. 

organic materials


The cases are made in our workshop in Slovenia, Ljubljana, a land where the Alps connect with the Pannonia lowlands and Adriatic Sea. We choose our natural materials as carefully as clothing designers choose their fabrics.

Wood collection:

The use of the most advanced and proven oils for luxury wood species is a necessity to ensure a lasting protection of the surface. The main difference between lacquering is, that the oils do not make the wood look “plastic”, but are absorbed by it and do not only protect, but also give a natural look and smell. We use a special oil solution, that is by far the best on the market and still ecological, since it does not include any volatile organic compound, which was thought to be impossible until recently. Our solution guarantees state of the art protection against everyday use, water and heat. Most of our wood is sustainably harvested, guaranteed by the FSC (

 iphone x wood case

Organika collection:

Keeping in touch with nature is even more important than ever. The Organika cases offer just that – Nature at the palm of your hand, anywhere you go. It starts with carefully handpicking the materials so they are all gathered and prepared for a controlled dehydration. A sequence of carefully selected processes lead up to a preparation of pressing and coating with a sugar based resin to keep the natural aspects of the material and stay true to the environment. After that the material is prepared for cutting and application to the cases. The look, feel and scent of the natural material is what makes these cases truly one of a kind.

natural phone case


My firm belief is that we all share a responsibility for our footprint in all that we do and if everyone does their part, then change will come. Making positive steps for society and the environment is just someting that had to integrated. Either with supporting NGO's or by creating a Recycling program for our cases not to contribute to waste.

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." - Martin Luther King, Jr.



Uniqueness, handwork, emphasis on quality, natural look, feel and smell are the guidelines on our journey to connect nature with technology. We are proud of every case we make and share the joy of every customer that says how much they love it. A lot of your feedback is the basis for our roadmap so we will continue to innovate. It is our priority to continue to promote nature, sustainability, care for the environment and also to give back in any way we can.


September 2019 - We introduced the new full protection cases and completely redesigned packaging to represent the quality of the product in a new light.

Q4 2019 - Unveiling of a new Organika material and the scent refresher collection (Really excited for this, because we make everything in-house so it is 100% natural).

2020 - Presentation of unique accessories and 2 other top secret projects :)


Žiga Lunder, Katja Fortun, Vida Flego, Art (Boston Terrier)