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Be a part of the solution

»A whopping 91% of plastic is not recycled«

Thank you for being a part of our journey. We are commited to the environment and lowering our footprint that is why we created the MMORE Recycling program. We had an idea of a program that would provide second life for our cases.

Once yours is at the end of its use, you just have to send it back to us and we take care of the rest (the best way to send it is by local post and stamp in an envelope).

recycling mail

Once we receive it, we will contact you and properly recycle the case by separating the plastic frame from the bio material.

This encourages an attitude of environmental responsibility and our commitmet to be a part of the solution. When a product has reached it's lifecycle end we take care of it. Besides helping the environment there's also a reward! You will receive a certificate of recycling to thank you for caring and also a reward for being a part of our cause - 50% off with free shipping for your next case.

mmore recycling program

We believe that in the long term, the problem has to be solved at its source. Rather than looking for the next place to dump plastic waste, we need to bear the responsibility of cutting waste generation through sustainable practices and reuse.

Everything we do, we do with you in mind. Because you deserve more, much more, MMORE.