Packaging with 'zero waste' and 'zero impact' means SUSTAINABILITY!

Our standards are cradle-to-cradle. A term used in the environmental sector that means it comes from the Earth and goes back into the Earth. 🌍

As a company whose main mission is to reduce waste and be as close to zero-waste as possible, we have spent a lot of time looking at eco-friendly packaging options. Of course, we avoided plastic and finally found the perfect ''green'' solution. 😉

We are increasing our green commitment and determining progressive and increasingly ambitious objectives since 2016. That's why we are offering you Ø-packing for all online orders. 💚



If you are a physical customer we ship your order automatically without additional packing. Why? Where is the point of getting a box within a shipping box, which will go from the delivery box directly into the bin? You simply don't need it!

If you want to give a phone case as a gift 🎁, add GIFT to notes before you finish your order... and you will get the phone case nicely packaged in a zero-waste box for FREE! It's made simply from kraft paper which is 100% recyclable. When you don't need it anymore you just simply throw it away into a bin for paper and the box will end in the Recycling center, where they will recycle it and reuse it for the production of new products. ♻️



If you want to make the gift even more special, you can choose our beautiful wooden box which is available in our online store. 💝
Each wooden box is oiled, finished by hand and made from the best and most exquisite solid wood. Each box is also unique because two pieces of wood are never the same. 😉 The box comes in two types of wood: American Walnut and Pine with an engraved logo on the outside and a beautiful dedication on the inside, iron-stamped.


If you are a retailer, you will definitely need also retail packaging for our unique phone cases in your store. It's a very simple box made from kraft paper and hemp rope (Its purpose is to protect it from theft), and it will blend beautifully with the other products you are already selling into your shop. 🛒

All our packaging solutions are produced entirely from renewable and recycled sources, for a real zero impact on the environment. 🌿 It's great that the case and packaging can be recycled! 😀

You can do your part to help us with the end-of-life of our packaging materials. Please ensure that you recycle or reuse any paper that comes with your order. ♻️ We also hope that you reuse or recycle the box.

Help the Earth, there is no planet B! 🌍

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