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100% RECYCLABLE Tempered glass 2D/3D screen protector

    • 100% Recyclable real glass
    • Amazing scratch protection
    • Perfectly transparent
    • Easy to apply
    • No bubbles
    • Ø-plastic packaging
100% Recyclable
Made from real 100% recyclable tempered glass it is environmentally the friendliest option to protect your screen and avoid those unwanted repairs after a fall. ;)
Our glass screen protector adds a super-strong glass layer that is very scratch resistant. If you are able to scratch the screen, you can just replace the protector and voila! Brand new screen!

Tempered glass holds together, even when cracked or broken. Our screen protector isn't indestructible, but if your phone experiences a high fall or hard impact, the glass will stay intact. You won't have to worry about glass shards.

Perfectly Transparent
The amazing thing about a glass screen protector is that it really becomes a part of your screen. After a couple of hours of use, you won't even notice it's there. The feel is far superior to a vinyl or sticker protector.

Easy to apply
  • Wash your hands & dry them with a clean towel.
  • Clean the screen. Wipe it with a mild solvent like eyeglass cleaner or rubbing alcohol, which would not risk damage to low quality surrounding finishes. Rub it dry with a soft cloth and remove as much lint as possible with a blower or by wiping lightly with a lint-free cloth, such as the microfiber wipe which comes with the screen protector.
  • Check the placement of the screen protector. Carefully remove it from its packaging. Before you lift its backing, position the screen protector over the screen to see how much margin to leave on each side and ensure clearance of features such as camera spots and microphone holes.
  • Remove residual bits of dust with a mild adhesive. Dust is the most important thing to remove from under a screen protector. Lightly dab a sticky note or a dirt clean film all over the screen. Looking at the reflection of a bright area in the screen at an angle will confirm the presence or absence of dust. 
  • Stick on the screen protector, aligning an edge carefully. Peel back the screen protector's backing from one end (leaving it on the other allows more control by holding that end). Align it with the correct edge of the screen, leaving the margin you determined previously and watching how the alignment of the sides perpendicular to it will fall. Then peel off the entire backing and smooth down the protector.
  • Finished! Enjoy your gadget without fear.

  • Package Contents: 1 x Glass Screen Protector, 1 x Wet Dry Wipe, 1 x Dust Removal Sticker






⚠ WARNING: Please note that it is not possible to return the glass protector if it was already applied. By ordering, you agree with the stated conditions.

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Clear - 2D
Clear - 3D


Is the material printed?

No, it is real hand picked natural material, then carefully dried and pressed before cutting and applying it to the case.

Is the material water resistant?

Yes, the material is oleophobic, it means it does not absorb water, but is designed to absorb our organic scent essences

What about durability and scratch resistance, it looks fragile?

The material is coated with an advanced sugar based resin and protects the material. Slight signs of wear and discoloration can appear over time, but that is normal like with any natural material.

How long does the scent last?

It lasts from 1 month to 3 months, depends on outside factors, while intensity will decline. You can refresh the scent with our completely natural scent refreshers with one application for up to a week.

Are the materials really organic or sustainable?

Yes, our wood collection is FSC(Forest stewardship Council) harvested, so the whole supply chain from the forest to us is known. The Organika collection is made from completely organic and sustainable materials from nature.


What is the difference compared to the wood cases from others?

Our wood cases are made from special or rare wood species carefully selected from around the world. We also hand oil the wood with an organic oil, so it still breaths and gives a unique feeling, while if the wood is shiny and closed with lacquering it is closed the same as plastic.


Why is it so special?

It is the thinnest full cover case available, while still being strong enough not to break like other thin cases. It is a remarkable piece of precision and engineering made in Germany.