Biodegradable cases🌿

Biodegradable cases 🌿

In the past few years, biodegradable products are becoming a trend. But are they biodegradable, 100% compostable, recyclable? What are they not telling you? 🤔

Firstly what does biodegradable and compostable mean

Biodegradable means that the product material can break down with the help of microorganisms. There is not a time limit in which the material is degraded.

Compostable materials are capable of breaking down on their own into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass. These materials don't leave any toxic materials behind after degrading.

So what are they not telling you?

Many of the companies try to greenwash with materials as bioplastic or phone cases that are only partially made out of biodegradable materials or from compostable plastic. They don't tell you that these materials have to be disposed of under certain conditions and the cases don't fall into the plastic bin . You are supposed to dispose of them in the right way so they can be decomposed the right way. But as a normal household that is almost not possible. One way is for the companies to take back and recycle or compost (industrial composter) the used cases and make sure they are properly disposed of. Second option is for the customer to dispose of the product themselves in a composter. That is problematic because ALL biodegradable plastics require certain conditions to be met for proper biodegradation which are air, temperature and time. Together with incineration of refuse is a zero footprint option. But these facilities are specialized just for disposing of biodegradable plastics and are not in any household. Therefore disposing of biodegradable products in your home should never be an option unless sent to a specialized facility. 🙅‍♀️

💚 Our Biodegradable phone cases 💚

We offer totally biodegradable, compostable cases that are made out of Flax 🌿 and PLA bioplastic that is compostable. A specialized production process ensures we can produce our cases with the highest PLA content of any on the market. The flaxseed is harvested in the fields, so this offers farmers to sell their flax to us, to support small business communities. This is a sustainable, economical, plant-based, and eco-friendly way to make something with a completely natural material 💚. Our cases are produced in an SGS certified non-toxic environment. This means the production is inspected and made sure that nothing toxic is put in the material or used in the making of the materials.

♻️ We were also the first company to introduce a recycling program for all our cases ♻️. Not only biodegradable ones but also for the cases out of our organic and wood collections which are made out of 100% recyclable PU plastic and completely organic materials that can be separated and recycled. All your used old cases can be sent back to us and we will dispose of them properly and make sure they are recycled the right way. On the other hand, our biodegradable collection can be thrown into the compost and let degrade by itself, but that might take 6-12 months under certain conditions that is why it is best to send us the case over normal post with a stamp and we give you a certificate for disposing (and a super reward of course 😊) so we can take care of what we produce to lower our footprint on the environment. It’s a win-win-win. A win for the environment, the customer and the company. 💚

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