Getting ready for Valentine’s day?

Let us give you a few tips and tricks
on how to have a sustainable Valentine’s day this year.

1. Sustainable Present! 

Get your loved one a unique sustainable, recyclable phone case, with beautiful organic handpicked materials. 🌿 Choose a style that suits them and add a nice little message that will be engraved in the heart on the phone case. ❤️

Every material has its own origin, but all are sustainably harvested and handpicked so you get the best possible. The smell and feel of the personalized Organic case will transport you to another place, memory, or feeling. It is truly a one of a kind phone case.💚

Personalized Organic Material Phone Case Gif

2. Potted plants instead of bouquets 🌷

Why would you want to gift a bouquet that will wither in a week and throw it in the garbage? This year decide on a potted plant instead of a bouquet. There are many heart-shaped 💕 indoor house plants that are perfect for Valentine’s day. Here are some of our favorites:

  • String of Hearts
  • Heart Fern
  • Anthurium Clarinervium
  • Hoya Kerii
  • Philodendron Gloriosum

Any of these beautiful plants will be a great gift and will live a long time under the right conditions 😊

Heart Shaped flowers for Valentines Day

3. Lets make this year Valentine’s day a cardless one. We collectively throw away billion ards to the landfills yearly 😲 (not just valentines days but also Christmas, Easte, Birthday and other cards). A fraction of those are valentines day cards. So why not just tell your loved one how you feel. Maybe this year if not in person, send them a digital card or call them up and tell them 😊❤️

4. This year is the perfect time to show your loved one your cooking skills 🥘. With the restaurants closed, you need to get creative. Make your loved one their favorite food for dinner 🥗🥂.Also, get your groceries locally sourced and support your local farmers and stores.💚

Dinner for two for Valentines day


5. Make a home cinema 🎬

We promise this will be your most comfortable Valentine’s Day date ever! Get all the blankets and all the pillows on your couch, make some light snacks 🍿 and drinks 🍹, get comfortable, pick a great movie and enjoy. Simple 🥰

Cozy Home Cinema Setup


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