🎃 Have A Sustainable Halloween! 🎃

Another year goes by and Halloween is knocking on our doors again. This year we decided to share some sustainable tricks and treats that will help you out in having a sustainable Halloween.

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1. The first thing on our list is the costumes. Every year we try to find a costume in all the Halloween stores but we forget to look into our closets. We recommend trying to reuse old Halloween costumes or swapping and them out with a different one with your friends. You can also try to create a costume out of your regular clothes. A lot of thrift stores also offer Halloween costumes that are more eco friendly because of the reusability and more friendly to your wallet. This way you don't need to buy new costumes and you help out the environment.

2. We know everybody loves to carve out a pumpkin every year and decorate their porches on hallows night, but what do you do with all the pumpkin seeds and flesh that is left behind and the poor dried up pumpkin after Halloween. Firstly we suggest buying pumpkins from your local farmers if you want to make a jack o lantern. The insides f the pumpkin the seeds and the flesh cal always be used u for some pretty good recipes. And lastly, for the dried up pumpkin, you can always compost it, but try and find out if your local zoos or farms take any leftover pumpkins to feed the animals, if not you can hang it or put it up on a tree and feed the birds with it.

Halloween Pumpkins

3. If you are having a party this year for Halloween try to cut down on wasted food and decorations. Also, try to avoid disposable cups and cutlery, there are plenty of biodegradable options out there (Finally! :D ). Use a marker or any other way to identify your guest's cups so they can keep track of them and not use up multiple ones.

4. Make your Halloween treats yourself! The best treats are homemade ones. You can even use up the pumpkin seeds and flesh to make muffins and other recipes. But if you still decide to buy candy then, try finding candy in paper wrappings instead of plastic. 

We hope some of our tricks and treats will come in handy this halloween. 

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