Why should you choose an Eco friendly sustainable phone case?

Imagine buying a new phone after a long run of your old one and what's the first thing you think of? “Oh gosh, I need to protect it as much as possible!“. Well, this is where phone cases come into play. And what is the easiest way to protect your phone? Buying a cheap plastic phone case. But that doesn’t mean that s the best option out there. Of course, it will protect your phone, … for a while, but did you ever think of what it is doing to your health and our planet? Well, we are here to introduce you to some sustainable and Eco friendly phone case options and why it is a better choice in the long run for you, the planet and your phone. 

We already know that there is way too much plastic out there so why do you want to contribute to the already huge pile that exists out there? If you think of how many phones are sold every year and add a phone case or two to each and every one of them…. The numbers get quite big. So tons of long plastic are out there some floating in the ocean some placed onto a land field and left there to break down for over 500 years and contaminate the oceans and our planet with its toxic components. 

Orange Biodegradable Phone Case

So our smartest decision at MMORE was to introduce more organic materials that are easier to take care of and that is non toxic to you our customers and also the planet. We are trying to be innovative with all our products and try to offer you more sustainable and Eco friendly options so the choice of buying a toxic phone case instead of an Eco friendly won't be a problem anymore. 

We try to make our phone cases sustainable but at the same time accessible, affordable and without any compromise to the protection of your phone.

So here are our 5 reasons why you should buy a sustainable Eco friendly phone case:

1. Better for the planet

If you choose our Biodegradable phone case you can be sure that the phone case you are buying is not leaving any toxic components behind itself when it gets decomposed after you're done using it. It is made out of PBAT bioplastic and flax/wheat straw which makes it fully biodegradable and compostable, right at your home. Your other option is to buy a fully recyclable PU case that is made in a SCS certified non toxic product and it poses no threat to the environment and also to your health. Every part of it can be fully recycled and turned into a new phone case or something else. (:

2. Better for your health

Plastic phone cases have many toxic compounds that through their use and time start to release those toxins into your skin and nature while you are using them. Our biodegradable phone case is made out of materials that are non toxic to your health and are safe for you, your kids, pets and all your loved ones. 

3. Helping out farms

Not only does the biodegradable phone case serve you and your phone case but also it gives farmers an opportunity to sell flax straw rather than burning it. On the other hand, it completely reduces any possible footprint while providing a flexible and durable material. This makes it the perfect material for sustainable and Eco friendly products that still provide full protection to your phone. 

4. Durable

The mixture of PBAT bioplastic and flax/wheat makes a flexible and durable material which makes an excellent option for a phone case material. The biodegradable phone cases are all drop tested and will fully protect your phone from all sides. Also, the design of the case has an additional protection rim around the screen and camera area. Also, the material is much more durable than regular plastic which can warp, break and melt in the long run.

5. Affordable

We strive to make products that are not only sustainable but also affordable. We think that making Eco friendly products affordable makes it easier for people to choose between toxic plastics and Eco products, without making a sacrifice between protection, affordability and sustainability. 

Organic Biodegradable and Wood Phone Case Lineup

 What our customers think about our biodegradable phone cases: 

 "I surely will purchase another phone case from MMORE! The best phone case I have ever had. I love both your design and quality. Keep it up MMORE!" - Alivia

 "It protects the phone really well, and you can still get it off easily if you want to change it. It looks nice, everything is still accessible. The buttons are not too easy to press so there are not hundreds of unwanted screenshots on my phone. I also really like that you can’t see any fingerprints. " - Tatjana

 "Super happy with my case, thanks guys for providing a green alternative :-)" - Andy

 "Great case, looks nice and protects my phone very good. No change in colour or signs of use after a month." - Hendrik

 "I am so happy with this phone case! The colour is stunning and I want to say I'm really impressed with this company - products that are biodegradable, compostable, plastic free - and really great quality. Excellent purchase!" - Taysha

 I've received plenty of compliments on this phone case. I'm very pleased with it, it's just what I was looking for. - Shay

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